I have spent some time running from Gargamel. Had several close calls. I have survived on smurf berries and love.

On the serious side. Currently I am reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I am about 1/4 of the way through and loving it. I don't agree with all the theories of Objectivism however I do think some to the principal virtues and vices open up a new venue for my thought process.

This is not my first dystopian novel and I seem to like flocking to them. Something about the
concept is strange and yet scary.

I do like the main character Dagny. She is amazing. That girl that just won't let anything stop her. We need more women in the world like her.

I shall add my book review when I have finished. Which shall hopefully be soon. Hard to put Atlas down.

Becky here! As you may have noticed, the posts on this blog have been a bit MIA of late. Our last post here was in May, which in real life is only a couple months, but in Blog-Land, much like celebrity marriages, a few months is something like 19 years, and we've filled that with a plethora of emptiness and nothing.


So very sorry. Please accept our sincere apologies for the radio silence lately.

But maybe you, our most forgiving and loyal of followers and friends, would like to know what we've been doing with this time? I will do my best to fill in some of these gaps. I can't give everyone's details, but I can certainly fill in some of them. I'll leave the rest to the Viners themselves to fill in.

Rachel: This mysterious pair of slippers slips around like a shadow... Like a ninja, you never really know what she's doing, where to find her or where she'll make an appearance next, but she should make more of them. :)

Emilee: Our Smurf is also sporadically making appearances... Things seem a bit up in the air for her lately, we all hope they settle down and start getting normal again soon. 

Fiona: Our fearless yellow-feathered friend has started her own independent book & review blog, The Book Coop in which she talks about all sorts of interesting things in ways that I've never really thought about. :)

Allison: This one has also started her own blog, The Allure of Books where she somehow manages to read insane amounts of books and write an insanely good amount of content about them, and earned herself an insane number of followers in an insanely short time. O_o Crazy. :P

Jon: This Bear has also started his blog, The Bear Essentials, and when he's not jet-setting around the world taking awesome pictures, he's adding his adventures in jet-setting and photographic evidence of it to the blog, thus making the rest of us Viners green with envy.

Jackie: Jacks has had some major changes in her life recently, but she's strong and awesome, and we're all super proud of her and the way she's handled everything! She's also starting her own blog, which I'm sure that she'll talk about when she's got it up and running. Stay tuned for that! :)

And finally me... I am working a lot, and my responsibilities are shifting around at work, which is challenging but kind of exciting too. I have also started my own blog, Escapism Through Books, in which I post reviews and random other stuff that crosses my mind... Ooh! Shiny!! :P

So there you have it. Updates on the Viner-Blogger gang... I hope that it was all you were wishing for and more. We promise to try to keep this blog updated more consistently in the future!

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