The Book Vine

The Book Vine consists of a group of friends who met via Goodreads, a website where book lovers can catalogue their books, meet fellow readers and talk about books, books, books with people from the world over.

I joined Goodreads in July, 2008 and through one of the most popular groups I met a bunch of people who have become closer friends then I could ever have imagined.

In March of 2009 we decided to create a group - but one with a difference. Instead of just talking about books we decided to send a books forwards, in a circular fashion - once a month and every book would be a surprise.

Our members are:

Robin (Who unfortunately due to life's little difficulties has not had time to participate and so has dropped out.)

Our books have circumnavigated the globe (more or less) going from one end of the USA to the other, to Australia, to England, to Ireland and back to the USA. Each book was selected by the individual member and has become a part of ourselves. The books that pass through our hands have become something special, something which is more then just a book. The books represent friendship, as cheesy as that sounds, but over the past year we have all come together in ways unexpected.

We started off not really knowing each other very well - but over the past year we have become stronger, better, real true friends. We are all different - we come from different places, countries, different ages, backgrounds, ideas, experiences, and a wide range of book tastes - from fantasy and sci-fi, to crime to historicals, literary... smut!

We share books, we recommend them, we read together and discover new ones that maybe we would never have found before. We also share recipes, life, stories, advice, ups, downs - everything else.

The Book Vine is as much about friendship as about books and hopefully, this blog will represent that.


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