The Smurf

This group would not be complete without a little smurf. Thus I have blessed this group with my smurfness. I inherited the nickname as my avitar in Goodreads is and will always be a smurf. I would like to say I am a little bit of brainy, a little bit hefty, and a lot of papa smurf.

I love this little vine family. We have an extremely close bond that started out with sharing a common interest in books. This spread to a wonderful friendship amoung our cute little group.

At this point I guess I should probably introduce myself. I am an avid reader and love to dive into a book and eat it up. I always say "books are food for the brain". My favorite writers are Hemingway, Twain, McEwan, Shakespeare, Austen, Eliot, and Woolf. I love poetry and my favorite poets are Rod McKuen and Robert Frost.

Not only do I read but I enjoy quilting, and making scrapbooks. I love the outdoors and go for long bike rides when the weather permits. I am a dancer and rock climber. I really enjoy climbing rock walls. I love the outdoors. Camping is so wonderful!

I am the mother of three extremely beautiful children. They are all blessed with talents that fill my soul with happiness. I have a dog, two cats and a turtle.
This is the smurf in a nut shell!


I still like Penelope Purple best!

24 February 2010 at 02:10  

I shall always be your Penelope Purple darlin

24 February 2010 at 04:14  

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