Hello anonymous reader! I write this in the middle of a “snowicane”. I confess that I didn’t make that up…the weathermen did. Connecticut has received a record rain fall today and by midnight the rain will be turning to snow. Lucky me, I live about a mile and a half from work *sarcasm*. In case you are wondering, I work as a customer service representative for a commercial insurance agency. I wear many hats at work – I do claims, some back end work for other CSRs, I service my own small book of business and I do part time IT…all while talking to my fellow Viners on company time.

Oh yeah, before I continue blabbing my name is Jackie. I also go by Jack, Jacks, Jack-in-the-crack (by my loving boyfriend), J or Jacqueline (if you like a mouthful). Oh and Sweet Ass™ by Allison. In a few days this Sweet Ass™ will be turning 29 years young.

Besides, all my J nicknames I’m also known as the Queen of Smut on the Book Vine. I have Jon-Bear to thank for revealing my closeted romance addiction. My reading tastes vary from historical fiction to mystery to fantasy and so on, but I tend to gravitate towards the romance section. I can’t help but loving a strong heroine and a handsome alpha male fighting with each other for 100 something pages, only to find out how much they love each other and end up getting it on by the end of the book. Nothing like a happy ending and the steamier that ending the better! I’ve pretty much been reading romances since I came out of the womb, but I have some standards. I don’t read Harlequins or cheesy soft porn novels…although I’m dying to read the nasty version of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice that Allison promised to send me ages ago *glares at Allison*. I love, love historical romance. My favorite historical romance authors are Julie Garwood and Lisa Kleypas. I’m also into paranormal romance. Werewolves, vampires, shape shifters…oh my!! My two favorite series for this genre of romance are the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Sookie Stackhouse series.

Apart from reading I also dabble in crafts. Knitting is my nemesis, but I can crochet a nifty scarf, paint and embroider like no one's business. I learned to embroider by watching my grandmother and my mom painstakingly taught me to crochet (bless that woman's patience). Most of the women in my family seem to have some kind of talent. Unfortunately, I did not inherit the cooking gene, but man my scarves can sure keep you warm! Here's one of my creations in action:

Unfortunately, I have no cute pictures of pets to share. After a series of fish (miss you Hiram Jr., Mikey, Blue and Tiger) I decided that maybe I'm not quite mommy material just yet. So I've stuck to plants...well just bamboo at the moment because I don't seem to have a green thumb either.

So yup, that's me and my confessions. I play on the internet while at work, I have a serious romance addiction, I can't cook, I'm a fish and plant killer, but I sure can make you a pretty scarf.


Jackie thatw as really a nice writing AND njamie picture!

1 March 2010 at 20:02  

Thanks Jeane!!

2 March 2010 at 14:55  

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