Why i should be King of the World, one can only guess. Perhaps its because The Travel Agency i manage lost only $7000 this month, its lost a tiny bit less each month ive taken over, but its been a long hard an thankless struggle. This was believe it or not quite a jump for us and profit can be heard calling from the future. Who would have thought losing money could bring a smile to your face! finally my store turnaround bonus is kicking in.

My reasons for bounciness certainly would not be due to me driving to a friends place in the city tonight, only to find no parking and drive around for an hour looking -yes an hour!!. I almost gave up but eventually got somewhere and managed an hour there watching Star Trek Voyager and being fed, feeling sorry for myself.

It would also not be due to me being having my gob stuffed to the brim with nasty teeth moulding materials today being measured up for Invisalign which somehow my dentist talked me into, i nearly choked to death in the chair with orange gue dripping down my oesophagus. I am to be the poster boy for Invisalign for his surgery it seems (with half price of for being the guinea pig), and had about 10 people in there oohing and ah-ing about my case and what a transformation it will be, you'd think I was Quasimodo. Seriously folks, although I'm substituting my own visage with one of an Australian marsupil in here, I don't turn people into stone with one glance. Despite my near death dental experience, I did come out daunted by the next year but imagining morphing into George Clooney by 2011. I've also coincidentally been offered 2 free weeks at a gym in the city and started on the hard drugs for quitting smoking after trying every other means known to mankind, so maybe this year really will be my transformation into a sex god who stops traffic!


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